Aga & his new siblings, Kubla & Genghis Khan 

Aga is my longest living Rex that I know of, he is 18 going on 19 & sadly his brother went to the Rainbow Bridge last year & so he has 2 new brothers to be with until it's his time. Sadly Aga passed away at the age of 19 about a month ago in Nov 2014, he had a wonderful home & now his two younger kid brothers have the same home to ease the pain. You are missed Aga.



Cornish Rex Kittens For Sale in Mesa Arizona 



Rowdy German Short Hair & Tux rat terrier, just 2 of our k-9 kids



Throw Pillows:)

One of my boys that lives in PHX with one of his French Bull dog Brothers:)

 Show ribbons through 2000

Thank you hubby for making a nice frame for them:)


Scout our 1 y/o German Short Hair.

Welcome to Crescent Kat Cornish Rex

 A small cattery in Mesa  Arizona